Social Media Management

Social media helps you connect with your customer base, boost leads, and increase sales.

80% of US buyers have a social media account.

53% of buyers will check out a company on social media before making a purchase.

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Benefits of Social Media

  • Allows you to reach more potential clients by providing relevant content in crowded spaces.
  • Humanizes your business.
  • Boosts traffic to your website.
  • Generates leads.
  • Allows you to showcase and provide customer service.
  • Learn about your clients.
  • Helps your visibility and search engine optimization.
  • Increases your Like and Trust factor

Digital Visibility Strategies LLC

Guided Social Media Management

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Social Media Management

Social Media Made Easy

But, while those benefits are great, Social Media Marketing management can be complicated, clunky, and time-consuming. Logging in and out of different platforms, trying to keep up with how each site and post is performing, and where you are getting the best ROI can take hours and several excel spreadsheets.

 What if it was easy to? 

  • Chose the social media channels that drive engagement and new followers.
  • Know what times of day to reach potential clients.
  • Identify gaps in social media performance.
  • Discover the messages and content clients want to hear.

The Digital Visibility Strategies guided social media manager takes you from juggling a mess of sites and logins to one platform, with a single sign-on, that allows you to have a consistent plan and brings a return on your social media investment.

Digital Visibility Strategies LLC

Guided Social Media Management

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Why use several tools when you can do everything in one single platform?
Our social media manager allows you to post on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Google My Business

There are three main sections of our platform that make managing your social media easy and efficient.

Social Media Scheduling Calendar

Marketers who plan campaigns in advance are
356% more likely to succeed.

  • See and plan your social media marketing schedule by week or month.
  • Schedule posts across multiple social media sites simultaneously.
  • Easily repost successful posts.
  • Access the upcoming event calendar to inspire post ideas.

Our platform analyzes when your audience’s engagement is at its peak and which specific content types they are interacting with, so you can make your posts visible to a larger audience. “Post Suggestions” make it simple to know what to post and when it will be most effective. Recommended post types include promotional, educational, motivational, and showcase content.

Our intelligent algorithms will suggest an optimal content plan that maximizes engagement on your posts.

Content Organizer

The content organizer includes access to:

  • “Post Ideas” are pre-made, editable graphics to make keeping up with your social media quick and simple.
  • Your personal “Content Library” is an asset manager for your photos, logos, customized graphics, etc.
  • “Graphics Editor” where you can edit already created templates or create new posts from scratch in minutes.
  • Plus, bonus access to the professional stock photography library.  


Detailed analytics allow you to plan, execute, analyze, and repeat. With a clear understanding of what clients are interacting with, searching for, and responding to, you can target your audience with relevant messages and content they want to hear.

Reporting provides:

  • Easy to understand reporting on your social media performance.
  • Quickly see which social media sites are underperforming so you can adjust your strategy.
  • Identify which sites drive followers and engagement.
  • Analytics by each social media site.
  • Statistics on each individual post and how it performs. 
  • Discover demographic data by city, age, and sex.

Guided Social Media Management

Our guided social media management service includes:

  • Access to our Social Media Management Platform, which includes everything listed above.
  • 45-minute private onboarding session
  • Every other week group zoom to discuss strategies and ask questions.
  • Discounted hourly consulting.

Digital Visibility Strategies LLC

Guided Social Media Management

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