Data Driven Marketing

It can be so frustrating and expensive to throw marketing at the wall, hoping it sticks, and never really knowing if it did. Data-driven marketing empowers you by directing your energy, effort, and dollars into marketing that has a return on investment.

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Plan, Execute,
Analyze, Repeat

Data-Driven Marketing allows us to see gaps in the market space, what actions we took, when we took those actions, and how those actions performed to make informed decisions. 

We start with a Competitive Gap Analysis on all 6 steps of the client buying process. We determine how you stack up against your competition. This allows us to analyze where you are in the market, clearly see the gaps, and design a plan to close the gaps.

We examine:

  • How potential clients Know you exist—your findability vs. your competitors.
  • Your Like factor. Engagement of your social media followers and your reach.
  • Your Trust factor. Assess what past clients have said about you and how many have said it vs. your competition.
  • Your Compelling offer. Is it irresistible, and Is it on par with your competitors.
  • Your Conversion process. Is it intuitive with a low barrier to entry.
  • Your system for creating social proof that influences future buyers.

Our analysis finds the gaps in targeted keywords, website authority, ranking, and content. It includes a full website, social media, and reputation audit, as well as a review of your local Google Maps ranking and listing. 

Gap Analysis

Once we identify the gaps, we can clearly see what is working and what isn’t. Then create a plan that best uses your resources and allows you to make smart budgeting decisions that drive leads through the 6 step buying process.

Data-Driven Marketing allows you to:

  • Increase your findability
  • Understand which channels are most effective.
  • Track the performance of your marketing materials.
  • Know demographic and behavioral data.
  • Target leads with relevant messages.
  • Connect with potential clients where they are active.
  • Monitor the performance of your strategies and tactics.
  • Identify content that clients are looking for. 

Bottom Line: Data-Driven Marketing will take the guesswork out of marketing by helping you determine where your energy and dollars should be spent to receive the highest ROI. 

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