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Digital Visibility Strategies is an outside Marketing Consultant. We are your Chief Marketing Officer for hire. Based in Philadelphia, we provide full marketing analysis, marketing plans, strategy guidance, and guided reputation and social media management. 

Your Marketing Consultant

We help you analyze your current marketing efforts and findability and help you create an easy to manage, repeatable system to take potential clients through all 6 steps of the client buying processWe provide guidance, support, and the tools you need to make more sales and increase profits.  

We offer custom consulting, marketing plans, marketing analysis, guided reputation management, and guided social media management.

Develop Your Marketing Plan

  • Focus Your Marketing Efforts and Dollars
  • Let Clients Know You Meet Their Needs
  • Select Profitable Marketing Channels
  • Lead Potential Clients Through the Sale
  • Plan Your Marketing in Advance

Data Driven Marketing

  • Competitive Gap Analysis
  • Track The Performance Of Your Efforts
  • Take The Guesswork Out Of Marketing
  • Determine Where Your Marketing Energy, And Dollars Should Be Spent
  • Plan, Execute, Analyze, Repeat

Monitor and Manage Your Reputation

  • Improve Client Trust
  • Increase Click-throughs
  • Boost Findability
  • Influence Future Buyers 

    Increase Your Customer Base with Social Media

    • Save Time, Post On Multiple Sites Simultaneously
    • Generate Leads
    • Provide Relevant Content
    • Be Heard in Crowded Spaces.
    Client Buying Process

    We Understand
    Clients Buy.

    We’ve talked about the 6 Step Client Buying Process. Understanding this cycle allows us to perform a competitive gap analysis. This analysis highlights:

    • Gaps that are effecting your findability
    • Most effective marketing channels
    • Content clients are looking for
    • Demographic and behavioral data 

    With your marketing analysis in hand, we can make profitable and resource-effective decisions that result in a marketing plan that:

    • Defines your target market
    • Develops relevant messaging
    • Outlines your sales and marketing funnel
    • Plans your marketing calendar

    Your reputation consists of online reviews and social media. These two elements create social proof and influence future buyers. Social proof is a psychological principle. It guides people who are unsure or uncertain to look to others for guidance in making decisions.

    Managing your online reputation and social media can take a lot of time. It’s important to have tools at your fingertips to make managing this critical element easy.

    Our tools allow you to:

    • Monitor changes in your star ratings
    • Review growth
    • Receive alerts so you can respond to positive reviews and negative feedback quickly
    • Create campaigns to generate reviews
    • Track the success of review campaigns and adjust as needed.
    • See and plan social media posts by week or month.
    • Schedule posts across multiple social media sites simultaneously.
    • Easily repost successful posts.
    • Be inspired by post ideas and pre-made editable graphics.
    • Access professional stock photos.
    • Quickly see which social media sites drive followers, engagement, and ROI.
    • Discover demographic data. 


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