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The 6 Steps of the Client Buying Process

In today’s digital world, clients take 6 specific steps as they go through a cyclical buying process. 

At Digital Visibility Strategies, we are your digital marketing consultant. We provide guidance, support, and the tools you need to make more sales and increase profits.  

Read more about the 6 Step Buying Process Below.

#1 - Knowing You Exist
Potential clients find out you exist by searching for the products or services you offer. 97% of buyers discover a local business via the internet.

They find you on Google’s organic search listings, AdWords, your Google Map Listing, sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, Thumbtack, and various other online sources.

#2 - Liking You
Once a potential client knows you exist, they start to research your company. 53% of buyers will check out a company on social media before making a purchase. 

This means it is mission-critical to have an easy to manage social media presence.

#3 - Trusting You Will Deliver
Trust is the key decision factor in potential clients deciding if they are willing to work and engage with you. To develop trust, potential clients investigate your online reputation.

93% of buyers read online reviews before buying. So, it is important to manage and respond to all online reviews.

Steps 1, 2 & 3 (Your "Know, Like, and Trust Factor") mean it is critical for your business to be seen in the right places and have the social proof that shows you deliver as promised.

#4 - Compelling Offer
When a client "Knows You", "Likes You" and "Trusts You", they are ready to hear your compelling offer and are open to buying.

A compelling offer is irresistible, aimed directly at your target market, and gets them to take immediate action.

#5 - The Conversion
Conversion is when the purchase takes place, and the buyer moves from potential client to client. The goal is to make this shift intuitive and easy.

#6 - Influencing Future Buyers & Creating Social Proof
To keep the buying cycle going, you need current clients to influence future buyers by leaving positive reviews and talking about you on social media. This creates social proof.

Social proof is a psychological principle. It guides people who are unsure or uncertain to look to others for guidance in making decisions.

91% of buyers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Fortunately, 71% of satisfied clients will recommend a business if asked to leave a review. 

This means you need a repeatable process to ask for, follow up, and track new reviews.



We help you analyze your current marketing efforts & findability and create an easy to manage, repeatable system to take potential clients through all 6 steps of the client buying process.

We offer custom consulting, marketing plans, marketing analysis, guided reputation management, and guided social media management. Based in Philadelphia, we work with local facing businesses throughout the United States. 

Develop Your Marketing Plan

  • Focus Your Marketing Efforts and Dollars
  • Let Clients Know You Meet Their Needs
  • Select Profitable Marketing Channels
  • Lead Potential Clients Through the Sale
  • Plan Your Marketing in Advance

Data Driven Marketing

  • Competitive Gap Analysis
  • Track The Performance Of Your Efforts
  • Take The Guesswork Out Of Marketing
  • Determine Where Your Marketing Energy, And Dollars Should Be Spent
  • Plan, Execute, Analyze, Repeat

Monitor and Manage Your Reputation

  • Improve Client Trust
  • Increase Click-throughs
  • Boost Findability
  • Influence Future Buyers 

    Increase Your Customer Base with Social Media

    • Save Time, Post On Multiple Sites Simultaneously
    • Generate Leads
    • Provide Relevant Content
    • Be Heard in Crowded Spaces.


    Discover a Local Business via the Internet


    Read Reviews Before Buying


    Will Leave a Review if Asked

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    The Know, Like, and Trust Factor

    The Know, Like, and Trust Factor

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    6 Steps of the Client Buying Process

    6 Steps of the Client Buying Process

    Clients move through the same six steps as they cycle through the buying process. Digital Visibility Strategies understands this process and uses it as a guide to provide digital marketing consulting to our partners. We empower you with the guidance, tools, and the support you need to increase your sales and profits. Understanding this six-step process will have a huge impact on your marketing ROI, and change the way you communicate with your clients.

    Get Clients with Compelling Copywriting

    Get Clients with Compelling Copywriting

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